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Raykon Construction

Casey Cloward


1109 South Harvest Ridge Dr, Salem

We have built our reputation on transparency, value, and pride. Our clients enjoy autonomy when making their selections throughout the building process and we respect those selections. We value the presence of our clients on-site and work together as a team to build your dream home. Our proactive and consistent approach of doing business helps ensure our clients that they are in good hands as we work through this life experience together. 2015 Judges Platinum Tier 3 2015 Peoples Choice Best Landscape (The View) Gold 2015 Peoples Choice Best Master Suite (The View) Silver 2015 Judges Choice Tier 1 Silver 2016 Judges Choice 2nd Place 2016 Member to Member Award 2017 Judges Choice Tier 5 2017 Best Interior Design (The Mezza) Gold 2017 Member to Member award 2017 Peoples Choice Best Kitchen (The Mezza) Silver 2018 Best Interior Design (Sunrise Drive) Silver 2018 Best Landscaping (Sunrise Drive) Platinum 2018 Best Master Bedroom (Sunrise Drive) Silver 2018 Best Kitchen (Meraki) Silver 2018 Best Master Suite (Meraki) Gold 2018 Best Landscaping (Meraki) Gold 2018 Favorite Home (Meraki) Silver 2018 Judge's Choice (Meraki) 2018 Member to Member Award 2019 Member to Member Award 2019 People's Choice Favorite Homes (Shiloh Ridge)

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